Delicious egg rolls practices

Recent positive to worry about what to eat breakfast, a friend, a delicious egg rolls, she sent me to see the finished picture, is indeed very attractive, therefore, must first practice recorded it! Feel good, you can go with me to the actual operation under way!

Practice:Eggs, green onion, carrots, a little salt, stir; heated oiled pan, pour in the egg mixture, fry until slightly after forming the shells rolled up, moved to the side, into the egg again, after forming roll, repeat this step to egg runs out. Then the egg roll cut the shape you want it. If you do not understand, then you can see the illustrations below.

2015-12-25_161444 2015-12-25_161453

2015-12-25_161504 2015-12-25_161513

2015-12-25_161523 2015-12-25_161532

2015-12-25_161540 2015-12-25_161551

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