4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 9.3.2 Beta & 5 Reasons You Should

Apple’s latest  9.3 is here and it’s a tempting upgrade for many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. While there are certainly some to give it a go, there are also some to avoid the  9.3.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

In late March, Apple released an 9.3.1 update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It’s an important update but it won’t be the last 9 release before the arrival of 10.

We know this because Apple’s already confirmed the next iOS update for its stable of iOS 9 powered iPhones and iPads.

The iOS 9.3.2 release is confirmed thanks to a beta release for developers and the general public. It’s currently available for paid developers and anyone with an Apple ID.

The iOS 9.3.2 update, as its name suggests, is a bug fix upgrade for the iOS 9 operating system. It probably won’t have more than that on board but given the amount of problems users are having with iOS 9.3/iOS 9.3.1, it’s going to be a tempting .

Installing the iOS 9.3.2 beta has its benefits but there are also some downsides to early software and we want to address those here.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to the iOS 9.3.2 beta on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, take a look at this list of . It should help nudge you to one side of the fence or the other.

Install It If You Want to Improve the iOS 9.3.2 Release

1 / 9Install It If You Want to Improve the iOS 9.3.2 Release

If you want to help Apple improve the final release of iOS 9.3.2, you might want to think about installing the iOS 9.3.2 beta ahead of the public release date.

The iOS 9.3.2 beta allows developers and public beta testers to send feedback to Apple about potential bugs and issues.

We’re already seeing those with a developer account publish feedback about the iOS 9.3.2 beta and that feedback will help Apple improve the overall quality of the final version of iOS 9.3.2. 

If you’re tired of dealing with bugs and problems every time you download
a new iOS update, you should think about helping Apple out.

You might seem like a small fish but who knows, your bug reporting could help Apple squash a huge bug or two.

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