Mom Shoots iPhone with Shotgun to Teach Kids a Lesson

You won’t believe the video below of a shooting an with a until you see it. Not content with the damage that two rounds do to the , she attacks it with a sledgehammer next.

Watch as a an with a to teach her kids a and to “reclaim” her role as a parent.

At the start of a nearly three-minute video a mother cocks a shotgun and lectures her three kids saying, “I hearby denounce the effects of social media,” blaming social media for disobedience and disrespect.

As the camera pans away, and the mother waits for a dog to clear the path, she unloads a shot into a lime green iPhone 5c. After a short wait, and another lecture, someone sets the iPhone back up and she unloads on it again.

After all of that, she goes after the remains of the iPhone with a sledgehammer while lecturing her kids about getting involved in drama and in trouble at school with their phones. Although the original video is no longer online you can watch the mom shoot an iPhone with a shotgun and then finish it off in the video above. The source lists Josh Smith, which is no relation to the author of this post.

This is similar to the father who shot his daughter’s laptop back in 2012 over Facebook postings.

NBC later reported that the father and daughter made up after much criticism and feedback from Dr. Phil who stated that, “You never, ever humiliate your child publicly.”

The police visited the father in 2012, and reportedly agreed with his decision.

There is a bulletproof iPhone case, but with a price of $5,200 it seems unlikely that you would put a case like this on the iPhone 5c.

Watch in the video below as RatedRR the bulletproof iPhone case with a 50 caliber rifle round.

The last time a parent took a gun to technology to prove a point they earned an appearance on the Today Show, It’s not clear if this parent will get the same notoriety.

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