code&quill designs the perfect companion for your next trip

code&quill first started creating notebooks by launching a crowd-funding campaign.


The &; Traveler Notebook was designed to be a lasting companion to document and preserve your travel adventures.

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The Traveler has two styles of pages. On the left you have a dot grid for sketching scale of buildings, landscapes and anything else you encounter on a vacation. The righthand pages of the notebook are created with a custom Indentation Rule which was designed to look great whether you’re writing in a straight line, formatting a list, or even writing . The spine of this notebook is custom engineered to always lay flat when you open the book and you’ll never have to worry about pages flipping on their own while you’re trying to read or write. The soft cover makes the notebook feel like a treasured tome but it’s rugged design makes it tough enough to survive and preserve your travel adventures for decades to come.

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