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Use to make your like a

Your iPhone has a superb . allows you to use that camera, like a camera.

You always have your with you, which means you always have a great quality camera with you. Combining your iPhone with Pictar will allow you to get more out of your camera.

Pictar brings the functions of a digital camera to your iPhone.Pictar has a designated selfie button.Pictar's shutter button was designed to work comfortably even while wearing gloves.Pictar is tripod mountable.Pictar's ergonomic grip makes it easy to hold and control your iPhone's camera function.The positioning of your iPhone in Picstar makes it easy to attach lens accessories to your phone for different shooting effects.

The convenience of a phone. The precision of a camera.

You always have your phone with you, which means you always have a high quality camera on hand. While the sleek, thin, minimalist design of the iPhone is convenient for a smartphone, it is lacking for quickly and precisely controlling your camera. When it’s time to take the very best photos the Pictar helps your iPhone function like a professional camera. The ergonomic grip fits comfortably in your hand. Physical wheels and buttons allow you to precisely dial in functions to control shutter speed, ISO, and much more. The placement of your iPhone in the Pictar grip also allows you to attach existing lens adapters you might already own.




The Pictar camera grip adds physical controls to tune in precise photography functions on your iPhone’s camera.

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Pictar launched as a Kickstarer campaign and surpassed their funding goal in Spring 2016. Combining your Pictar grip with the accompanying app allows you to unleash the most advanced functions of your iPhone’s camera and control them with precision. The Pictar fits iPhone 4/4s up to 6/6s and the Pictar Plus works with iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus. Pictar doesn’t forget your iPhone is still an iPhone so the grip also features a dedicated selfie button.

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