Down Puffy is the rugged blanket with premium comfort

Sometimes adventurers need a really comfy sleep. Two guys who were frustrated with the lack of thought that went into the blankets they used at the cottage and while camping decided to do something about it. They took the materials usually reserved for high-performance outdoor gear and turned it into a line of super comfortable indoor/outdoor blankets. Their latest model, the Down is the Cadillac of outdoor blankets.

Rumpl Down


The Rumpl Down Puffy is the perfect for indoor/outdoor warmth.

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As your body radiates heat, the Down Puffy will absorb and retain this heat between its layers of insulation and down. The sustainably-sourced down has also been treated to be machine washable, because if you’re using a outside, you’re going to want to clean it regularly. Available in Black/white, Black/blue, and Black/charcoal, this six-foot long folds up into a tiny form-factor no larger than a cantaloupe and packs up nicely in it’s storage bag to make it easy to carry on the trails, or tuck away discreetly at your cottage. The Down Puffy is the perfect to keep you extra toasty as you curl up with your special someone next to the fireplace, or need the extra warmth in your tent on an overnight trek.

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