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the moment. every moment.

If you have an inkling that the ahead is going to be unforgettable, ensure every moment is documented with the Narrative Clip 2.

The Narrative Clip 2 measures less than an inch and a half square.The Narrative Clip 2 clips on to clothing or can be worn on a lanyard.The Narrative Clip 2 is available in three colors.Capture moments at a party with the Narrative Clip 2.The Narrative Clip 2 can last two days on a full charge.The Narrative Clip 2 measures less than an inch and a half square.

Your whole day, in 4,000 photos

Lifelogging is a thing. Many people live tweet, or ‘gram their whole day, the Narrative Clip 2 just automates this existing practice. The 1.5 square-inch device attaches to your lapel, coat, or sits on a lanyard around your neck and documents every single moment of your day.

What’s really brilliant about this device is the algorithms it uses to sort through your photos. If the realizes you’re stuck behind your desk at work, sitting on a boring airplane, or if the Narrative shoots a lousy or blurry picture, it will automatically get rid of these photos, showing you only the most interesting moments from your day. This saves space on its 8 GB of onboard memory. Tap the ’s body to switch to video mode and record 1080p footage in 10-second bursts, or use the built-in microphone for short audio clips.

Narrative Clip 2


The Narrative Clip 2 is a camera that document’s your day’s activities.

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Your heart on your sleeve. Your life on your lapel.

If you can get over the big brother feeling of having your day documented (and it should be easy enough because YOU are the one documenting it), then the Narrative Clip 2 can be pretty handy.

The Narrative app works with your smartphone to help you sort, manage, and upload your Narrative Clip 2’s photos. It’s maybe not an essential tool for your normal routine of walking the dog, going to work, and an evening of Netflix and chill. But for special occasions like a luau on a Hawaiian vacation, a roller coaster tour of your favourite theme park, or a beautiful hike through the countryside, the Narrative can capture the special moments without the interruption of digging for your phone and snapping a pic. Just live your life’s special moments and the Narrative will help you remember them forever.

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