Luci solar lanterns are a bright idea for outdoor lighting

When camping or hiking, the last thing you need is more weight in your pack. ’s outdoor are a genius invention. Created with the adventurer in mind, these inflatable collapse down to just one inch tall. Keep them clipped on the outside of your pack with the panels up to charge all day long, then blow them up and flip them on to illuminate your campsite or tent at night. When you can’t Kumbaya around a campfire, ’s outdoor lights throw a nice glow.

These lights aren’t just handy for rugged-types hitting the trail. Because of their inflatable, plastic design, these are also a cost-effective way to create a beautiful ambiance along your deck, patio, or walkway. Light up the outdoor spaces around your without worrying about damaging expensive, glass , if they get knocked off a railing or tipped over on a patio table.

Luci Outdoor

Lucy Outdoor Lantern features 10 LED lights.


Luci Outdoor Inflatable Lights provide anywhere you go.

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The Luci lanterns last 12 hours on a full charge, has three levels of brightness pushing through ten LEDs, and the built-in straps allow you to hang it from your backpack while hiking, off your tent while camping, or string it above your deck at home. If the practical aspect of these lights isn’t great enough, here’s a feel-good, social benefit for you. Every Luci light you buy helps provide for people living around the world without access to electricity. That means a kid can study after dark, a hospital can stay open later, and families with limited money save on buying dangerous kerosene lanterns. Luci helps you light your outdoor space while brightening the world for people who need it.

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