10 Best Casual Games for Android

With thousands of and over a million apps on the Google Play Store it can be hard to find good quality that are also and easy to play. With that in mind, here we’ll be sharing 10 of the best for smartphones and tablets available in 2016.

Obviously everyone likes something a little different, and a game like Clash of Clans can be considered fun and gaming for some, or hardcore to others. Meaning this list will have a good variety of games that almost anyone can appreciate.

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Smartphones and tablets are very powerful these days with big Quad-HD screens and 4GB of RAM for some great gaming and stunning graphics. Players also have a wide array of casual games to pick from, that still have good graphics. We won’t be listing Candy Crush or typical games like that either, and instead focus on those hidden gems many may not know about, but will love once they try them.


Most casual Android games are the ones you can pickup and play in seconds and are easy to play, fun to enjoy when you have a few minutes to spare, but also somewhat challenging so users don’t get bored. We even have a few casual games that you’ll need to play for months on end, or years, to finally complete.

Again, everyone has their own preference, and what may be extremely fun to others isn’t remotely appealing to someone else. As a result we’ve gathered some simple yet addictive and casual games that you absolutely have to try.

There’s a little of something for everyone here. Whether you want to play for a few minutes waiting for the bus, or check on a village or plants multiple times a day for months on end and build (or grow) an empire. There are far too many excellent games to list, but below are 10, as well as some honorary mentions that are also worth checking out.

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You won’t find Angry Birds, Candy Crush or Temple Run in this list. Instead, these are other games that are just as good or better, yet something you’ve probably never tried. Many are new or were released in 2015, but are still the best options available today. Get ready to blow through your smartphone battery playing some of the games below. Let’s get started.

Alto’s Adventure

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