See the big picture with a mini projector

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See the with a

Your favorite movies. Your favorite pictures. Anywhere.

Cube Party

The first built for smart devices is here. And it’s tiny.

RIF 6 has created the Cube. It’s the ultimate mobile media projector. The Cube brings the magic of movie night anywhere you are: dining on your deck, camping in a tent, anchored on a boat…If you have a surface to project on, you can scale the Cube to produce a 120 inch display.

The Cube connects easily with your phone, tablet, or laptop. Slid in a micro SD card, or if your device has an HDMI port or a modern charging plug, you’re ready to go. The Cube measures 2 inches on each side. Its tripod’s adjustable legs help you hang it just about anywhere, prop it on the ground, or cradle your device.

It’s Kind of a Deal

Aside from movies, you can cozy up to your sweetie for a retro-style slideshow of photos from a past vacation. Or enhance the atmosphere at your next party by tilting the projector up to the ceiling to add a celestial ambiance.

RIF6 Cube


A two-cubic-inch projector that creates a 120 inch display.

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Your personal device holds a lot of memories. Share them in the biggest way.

Cube Angle ViewCube iPhone StandCube Left SideSee the big picture with a mini projector

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