The Tesla You've Been Waiting For

Creepy and Wonderful!

This is how it feels to drive in an Autonomous car

The safest and quickest SUV is electric

unveils $130,000 Model X

’s CEO talks range

620 mile range Tesla by 2017?

Pure Awesomeness

Amazon Dash Button controls Tesla

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Luxury Rides

The Tesla You've Been For

First, Tesla changed our impression of electric vehicles. Now, they’ve changed our impression of Tesla.

Tesla taught us three things about electric vehicles: they can be stylish, fast, and expensive. Today, only two of those things are still true.

Tesla Model 3 PairTesla Model 3 BlackTesla Model 3 SilverTesla Model 3 TopTesla Model 3 ScenicTesla Model 3 Red

Refined over time

Beginning with the Tesla Roadster, we learned electric cars can be beautiful. The Tesla S and X models taught us electric cars can be incredibly powerful. With the Tesla Model 3 we now know luxurious electric cars can also be affordable.

The Model 3 leaves you wanting for nothing. This car was designed to be five-star in every category. The base model is powerful enough to go from zero to sixty in under six seconds. Travel range is a minimum of 215 miles between charges. Autopilot hardware, with its complete suite of safety features, is standard on all models.

Comfort is king

Thoughtful attention has been focused on the comfort of the driver and all passengers in the Model 3. The front row of seating is shifted slightly forwarded compared to earlier Tesla models, providing extended legroom in the front and back seats of the car. A continuous, curved, pane of glass forms the roof of the Model 3 creating a wonderfully open canopy. The sum of these features is a sedan as comfortable as any you have ridden in, but one you will never take to a gas station.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Black


The Tesla Model 3 will bring the electric car to the mass market.

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Driving the future

Tesla has designed an electric car for the mass market that is beautiful and practical. The first deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 will arrive in late 2017 and pre-orders are available now. This car removes the financial barriers that come with purchasing a luxury sedan, and an electric vehicle, making your driving future a whole lot more stylish.

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