Enjoy wine by the glass without popping the cork

For a special occasion or milestone you may treat yourself to a pricey . Pouring that full-bodied cabernet sauvignon means you are committing to consuming that entire bottle before it spoils, which means you don’t get to savour and a luxury bottle as often as you deserve. The Coravin Model Two builds on the best features of its predecessor to preserve your favorite wines.

When a is removed from a bottle of , the oxygen begins an irreversible chemical reaction that will fundamentally change the taste and properties of . Coravin allows you to leave the intact and the in the bottle, just as the vintner intended.

Coravin Model Two Plus

The Coravin Model Two injects a small needle through a bottle's cork to extract wine.


The Coravin Model Two Plus is a wine opener package that comes with the popular Coravin Model Two (which allows you to extract wine from a bottle without removing the cap), and the most common accessories needed to use the Coravin device.

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The Coravin Model Two sends a very narrow needle through the cork and into your wine. A powered pump allows you to extract the wine in precise amounts so you can just a sip or a whole .

The Coravin Model Two allows wine to pour faster than the previous model and makes it a little easier to hold and the bottle. When you’re done enjoying the model, the needle retracts, and the tiny hole left by the needle automatically closes. In blind taste tests, sommeliers couldn’t detect a difference between bottles opened months earlier with the Coravin system and new ones, so neither will you, or your discerning guest’s palates.

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