Luuup litter box solves a big problem for cat owners!

is a three-part system. Three trays next inside of each other. Each tray has slits in the bottom. When it’s time to clean the , lift up the topmost tray, sift out the clean , toss out whatever is left, and then move that tray to the bottom of the unit. It’s that easy!


Lift the top tray to sift out litter.


The Luuup litter box makes cleaning up after your quick and easy.

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This Indiegogo campaign quickly surpassed its funding goals thanks to its smart design. Not only does it make cleanup convenient and quick, the boxes are designed with antimicrobial materials. Luuup is low enough to the ground so older cats can easily access their litter box, but tall enough to keep all the litter inside of the box. While you’ll never make your ’s litter box a featured decor piece, this one actually looks nice enough that it won’t stand out as an eyesore if you can’t tuck it away in a discrete area.

Best of all this Indiegogo product is already shipping.

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