Smart typewriter makes old feel new

Thoughtful writing requires a thoughtful instrument. The Qwerkywriter helps craft your best thoughts in suave style.

Qwerkywriter with iPad

This isn’t a keyboard to pound out e-mail after e-mail all day long in the office. No, this is an elegant writing instrument that connects the craft of writing with today’s latest technology.

The Qwerkywriter is a throwback to a time when each keystroke helped build a tactile rhythm—when the soundtrack for writing was the satisfying click-clack of each letter being typed onto the page. A perfect companion to lean on as you delve into the depths of novel writing, journaling, or crafting a meaningful e-mail to a distancing friend, the Qwerkywriter can help your mind shift from everyday writing to exceptional writing.

Then and now

Qwerkywriter keyboard

The Qwerkywriter launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2014. It received its $90K funding goal a month later, and the final units began shipping in late 2015.

The keyboard has a grooved tablet holder, allowing you to position most tablets in portrait or landscape mode as you type in your preferred app. The keyboard connects to your tablet via Bluetooth, meaning you can also get a with any Bluetooth-enabled computer or phone, if you like. After a one to two-hour charge, the Qwerkywriter can last for weeks if you turn it off between uses.

Get writing

Between the sturdy aluminum chassis, the vintage key-caps, and the programmable return bar, the Qwerkywriter reimagines the typewriting experience for the modern writer.



Qwerkywriter bluetooth keyboard brings style to modern devices.

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Simply set down the keyboard in your favourite writing spot, pour your favourite Cabernet, and harness your inner Hemingway.

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