Should you try a bamboo phone speaker?

Natural wood is an amazing acoustic conductor. That’s why music instruments are made of would instead of concrete (it’s also harder to smash concrete guitars at the end of an epic rock show). iBamboo uses the natural properties of to create a minimalist iPhone .


iBamboo uses the natural shape and properties of bamboo to amplify your phone.


iBamboo is a portable, cable-free solution to amplify the music played on your iPhone.

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Available in multiple finishes and for multiple generations of iPhone, this sits on your desk, coffee table, or anywhere in the home and looks great. When you want to play some music, simply slide your into the slit on top of the iBamboo. Your iPhone rests in the perfect spot to allow the naturally hollow interior of the to amplify the sound.

This doesn’t have the volume to compete with powered portable speakers; however, iBamboo is an elegant solution to enjoy the music on your in small rooms or places without electricity.

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