Brew craft beer at home with the Zymatic by PicoBrew

The is an appliance that takes the equipment used in high-volume, professional breweries and shrinks it down into something that can fit on your kitchen counter. Load the four hops cartridges with the flavors you would like to try, add all-natural grains to the hopper, fill the water reservoir, and dial in the pre-selected or custom recipe mix you want, and the takes care of the rest.

Load in your hops, grains, and water, and the Zymatic automatically begins crafting your brew.


’s Zymatic is the home appliance allowing you to your own in a short period of time.

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The Zymatic produces two-and-a-half gallons of in several varieties. You can choose from a library of thousands of recipes, or develop your own, and the average can be produced in about four hours. The best part is you can small batches when testing out your signature beer to make sure it’s great. The whole process can be monitored on a companion app so once you’ve perfected your signature brew, you can ensure you can repeat that process perfectly and precisely every time. You can order additional brew kits from PicoBrew or pick up supplies at your local brew supply shop.

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