Rumors, whatever, would you want 4 speakers on iPhone 7?

There’s yet another iPhone 7 ‘leak’, this one showing an iPad Pro-style design with four speakers. Regardless of whether it’s real or just really fake, it does raise an important question—is it time for iPhone to go stereo?

Leaked images of what is reportedly a case design for the upcoming iPhone 7 shows that the phone could have four separate speakers.

iPhone 7 prototype case

The images from reportedly come from an unnamed Italian iPhone case maker, who said they based this prototype from information given to them by a source in Apple’s supply chain. In to the four speakers (two at the and two at the bottom), the case also shows a larger for the phone’s , and a new for the ’s flash.

But, whatever. This isn’t about sorting the less likely from the more likely. This is about the idea of an iPhone that’s as good at audio as the new iPads Pro.

There wouldn’t be room for the four large acoustical chambers, of course, but anything at this point would be better than mono. Wouldn’t it?

iPhone 7

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