Copper mug set adds kick to summer cocktails

The Moscow Mule is a vodka, lime, and ginger beer mixture which gained popularity in the 1940s. Part of that popularity came from the presentation of this drink. Traditionally mugs and Moscow Mules have gone hand in hand. There’s some debate whether the subtle flavor to the drink, but what is clear is the sensation experienced with each sip from a vessel.

A29’s popular copper has all the desired characteristics of a classic mule cup. The chill of the drink is transferred to the copper , keeping your drink cooler, longer, even on a hot summer day. The curved lip at the top of the drops to an icy temperature creating a tingling buzz with each sip. Finally, the pronounced, curved, handle keeps the heat of your hands away from the drink each time you raise your cup.

A29 Copper With Hammered Finish.

A29 Moscow Mule Set


A29’s copper mug set is the perfect way to serve a cool Moscow Mule on a hot summer day.

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This set comes with four mugs with matching measuring shot glass. Each mug has a hammered texture and lustrous copper finish.The way something looks to our eyes tells our brains how it’s going to taste. Prepare your guests minds for a real treat, by serving up a tasty summer cocktail in your new set of copper mugs.

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