Manage your spare change with the Magic Coin Pouch

In a world of tap and pay, what exactly are you supposed to do with coins? Ideally you never want to use or receive them; however, for tips and parking meters sometimes you have to. Fortunately a Kickstarter product has come up with a good solution to your .

The Magic


The Magic holds all of your coins and is thin enough to fit into the skinny pocket on the front of your pants.

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Drop your coins into the Magic Coin Pouch. Give them a flick. Your coins transfer into a locked compartment in the coin pouch. Slide the pouch into that skinny little pocket at the top of your pants that’s too small to hold anything else, and you’re set. You’ll have coins with you, they won’t take up any extra room in your actual pockets, and they’ll be easy to pull out when you need them.

Paperwallet, the makers of the Magic Coin Pouch, has already reached their funding goal for this product and have a solid reputation thanks to their previously successful Kickstarter campaign for a super thin wallet. The pouch comes in a few different styles and is a great way to hang on to your .

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