Amp up your house keys with this rockin' holder!

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up your house with this ' !

Plug it in. Turn it to 11.

Keep your on a hook? Throw ’em on a counter? Lose them in your pockets? Pfft…you deserve better! When you’re done a long day hang up your like a rockstar with the most ’ key holder possible.

Pluginz Keychains look like guitar amps but hold all your keys.Purchase a Pluginz keychain to fit perfectly into the amp inputs.Pluginz Keychains come in a variety of looks.These holders help keep your keys organized.

The key to rock n roll

These awesome little key sets from Pluginz Keychains are distinctly cool. They say to your guests “Yeah, I rock, but you know what? I like to keep it tidy up in here!” Emulated to look like classic guitar amps, these key holders are a really slick solution for hanging your keys. Simply loop your keys onto the audio jack key ring and plug ’em into the ’s inputs when you’re ready to hang them up.

Pluginz Keychains


Pluginz Keychains give you a cool way to hang up your keys to keep your life a little better organized.

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Rockstar feel, without the leather pants

You can’t live every aspect of your life like a rockstar (it’s just plain unhealthy), but you can treat your keys like they’re a Gibson Les Paul about to shred through a sick guitar solo! These guitar amp key holders are available in a variety of styles depending on the look you want and are easy to mount to the wall. You can purchase additional keychains until you fill up your holder. When that happens, it’s time to get a new amp…or talk to your boss about maybe using swipe cards or something to get into the office.

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