How valuable is your time? Track it the smart way!


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How is your time? it the way!

Where DOES the time go?

Do you feel like there is never enough time in a day? Maybe you’re just spending it on the wrong things. ZEI° time tracker is the smartest way to keep of your minutes and hours.

ZEI° allows you to work instead of tracking your work.Write or put a sticky note on any side of the ZEI°. Flip the ZEI° so your current task faces up.ZEI° syncs to your phone or computer to automatically monitor the time you spend on each activity.ZEI° lets you know exactly how many minutes go into your work or hobby projects.ZEI° can help you figure out where all of your time goes, so you can use it better.

Get on track

There’s a lot of stuff to fit into any given day. If you think you should be able to get more done, then the first step is figuring out what is gobbling up your time. ZEI° is a digital time-keeper that easily allows you to track your day’s activities. Label the multi-sided ZEI° with the things you typically do in a day (emails, Project Vulcan, lunch, Facebook, etc). As you switch activities, flip the diamond-shaped ZEI° so your activity is facing up. That’s it! ZEI° will automatically track how many minutes or hours you spend on each activity and sync with your computer or phone so you can look at your day’s productivity!



The ZEI° by Timeular is the smartest way to track how you spend your minutes and hours each day.

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Time is money. Save some.

This is a great product for people with busy schedules. First, if you’re supposed to track your hours at work, this allows you to work, instead of actually tracking your hours to show how much you worked. If you own your own business, this makes it easy to bill clients for the precise time on a specific project. Or if you have a lot of hobbies and want to make sure you fit them all in there, this can help you time how long you spent on a specific project, or show you in no uncertain terms that you are maybe spending too much time playing video games or on Facebook instead of doing that online Photoshop course you were meaning to take.

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