Take a shortcut: Use your keyboard to navigate Google Maps


Screenshot by Matt Elliott/abchow.com

offers a limited number of keyboard shortcuts, but they can be useful to navigate a map, especially when you are using Street View.

Map view


To pan around on a map, you can use the arrow keys to move north, south, east and west. You can also press two arrow keys together to move diagonally.


Use the plus and minus keys to zoom in and out, respectively. You need not hit the Shift key when pressing the =/+ key to zoom in.

Street View

There are four keys that help you walk about in Street View.

  • W — walk forward
  • S — walk backward
  • A — turn to the left
  • D — turn to the right

Any PC gamer will immediately be familiar with navigating with these keys. If you prefer to use your right hand on your Street View walkabout, the four arrows keys can be used to walk forward and back and turn to the left and right.

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