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Ready to run out the door to work but your coffee’s still brewing, drop by drop? Not anymore.

Connect to your coffee maker with the Wemo app to brew a pot right from bed!Set weekly brew schedules, or if you need to sleep in a little you can snooze the brewer.This coffee maker is as easy to clean as any non-smart coffee maker.Mr. Coffee brews 10 cups at a time.

Wake me up before you go-go to sleep

Ever wish you could get a pipin’ of coffee with nothing more than a magic flick of the wrist? Well, now you pretty much can. The Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew 10- Programmable Coffee Maker with Wemo is designed to work with your Apple or Android devices so you can have hot, fresh coffee anytime.

The free Wemo app keeps you connected with the coffeemaker wherever you are, so if you have company on the way and need to brew a pot from the car, or if you want to use your device to brew a cup while you snooze one more time in the morning, your coffee will be ready when you are. The smart coffee maker allows you to set weekly brew schedules and it will send a reminder to your device that it’s all set to make you coffee in the morning but will let you know if you need to empty and put the carafe in place.

Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Wemo


This smart coffee maker connects to your Apple or Android device so you always have hot, fresh coffee, whether you need to brew a pot while you’re driving home to meet company, or wanting to squeeze in one more snooze while the coffee’s on.

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Quick caffeine

The Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Wemo can be used with or without the app, and it has a removal water reservoir so you can easily fill it. A removable side brew basket allows you to add the filter and grounds with ease and makes clean-up a breeze. Using optimal brew technology, the automatic smart coffee maker infuses artisan-style coffee brewing, heating up water to the ideal temperature to optimize the flavor from the grounds. It brews in under seven minutes, 20 percent faster than other makers, and the carafe keeps your coffee hot and fresh longer, too.

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