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Organize your thoughts. Simplify your life.

The that makes it possible to organize all of your thoughts and keep them in one, convenient place.

The Nomatic Basics Notebook is carefully designed for users with creative minds.An interior whiteboard is ideal for quick brainstorming sessions.This lay-flat design ensures your pages do not turn by themselves.Three color-coded ribbons make it easy to mark imporant pages for quick reference.This Notebook is available in two colors: Black and Mint.

Getting back to the basics

The Basics Notebook has an innovative, take-anywhere, durable design that’s ideal whether you’re off to school, on your way to the office, or crossing things off your to-do list at home. Its unique features have users in mind, putting everything you need in one convenient notebook, with lined paper for note taking, grid-dot paper for graphing, mapping or drawing to scale, and blank paper for when you’re feeling and want to sketch.

The book has a back pocket that hides away a whiteboard paper and pen, so you’re able to brainstorm with ease. An area for goal mapping helps you see if you’re on track with your achievements, and the book’s perforated pages make it easy to scribble a note and rip it out for someone you meet while travelling or running errands.

It also has a planner with weekly and monthly calendars, and dual elastics on the front and back cover keep everything organized and in place. No more speed-flipping through the previous months, just flip right open to the current day, or use the elastic to stop pages from blowing around on a windy afternoon.

The Nomatic Basics Notebook


The Nomatic Basics Notebook has everything you need while on the go, from a calendar/planner, to a section for notes, and an easy-to-hide-away whiteboard paper and pen.

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Delightful design

The ingenious design incorporates a lay-flat spine so you don’t have to fight with pages trying to flip shut while you’re writing, and a pen holder along the top of the notebook pages, so you’re never stuck searching in your black-hole-of-a-bag that somehow stole the only pen you have.

Available in black or mint, the Nomatic Notebook is an easily portable five by 8.5 inches, and is all you’ve needed but never imagined. Now, you can explore the world around you while getting back to the basics and keeping life simple.

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