Envelop yourself in luxury with LSTN headphones!

The finest violin made centuries ago has something in common with the best Fender strats coming off the line today. They’re made of real, great-quality wood. Acoustics deliver better when housed in natural, rich woods, and the same as true for . ’s Troubadours embrace this philosophy in their look and design to provide crisp audio high and warm tonal lows. The result? These look and sound like no other.

Troubadors On-Ear Headphones


The Troubadors on-ear headphones from LSTN provide rich audio and rich style, reproducing audio with amazing quality and featuring a built-in microphone for taking calls.

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Sounds good

These on-ear headphones are padded with plush vegan leather so they’re comfortable to wear as you enjoy album after album. Their no-tangle cord hides an in-line microphone so you can pause your music to take a call when listening on your phone. These headphones are available in three beautiful wood finishes: Zebra, Ebony, and Cherry.

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