Pryme Vessyl tracks your daily water intake

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This smart water bottle ensures you stay properly hydrated throughout your day.The Pryme Vessyl connects to your wearables and phone to track your water intake.Plug the Pryme Vessyl coaster into an outlet or USB port and rest your cup on it to stay charged.The Pryme Vessyl's magnetic lid was designed to prevent spills.The Pryme Vessyl has a beautiful design but it's BPA free body is soft-to-the-touch and rugged for everyday use.


Mentally sharp, physically strong

Everyone has unique needs when it comes to how much their body needs to perform at its best every day. The monitors and displays your personal hydration needs by sending real-time notifications to your smartwatch, Fitbit , Jawbone Up and Apple Health tracker, or phone to keep you on track throughout the day. When you’re getting enough water everything is better! Staying hydrated can improve your concentration, alertness, and short-term memory.

Because the Pryme Vessyl promotes proper hydration, it will help you keep your skin looking healthy and it will improve your endurance because the extra water increases blood flow, keeps muscles moving efficiently, and helps your body fight off illnesses and infections. The Vessyl, which holds 16 fluid ounces, will also increase your metabolism and lessen the urge to chow down on empty calories. Check and mate.

Pryme Vessyl


The Pryme Vessyl promotes a healthier lifestyle by monitoring and displaying your personal hydration needs by sending real-time notifications to your devices to keep you on track throughout the day.

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Prymed for greatness

The Pryme Vessyl’s sleek and modern design is easy on the eye and makes staying hydrated even easier. The glass interior helps keep water cooler (or hotter) for longer, and the exterior is made of tritan, a BPA-free plastic, and has a soft-grip touch. The blue light that is displayed on the out the outside of the Vessyl means you’re primed for greatness. The Pryme Vessyl also comes with a magnetic sliding spill-resistant lid, a wireless charging coaster, a USB cord and a power brick.

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