Segway Mini is the smartest one yet!

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is the one yet!

Walking was never this fun

The next generation of has emerged. It’s smart. It’s connected. And it’s little. Summon your scooter from across the room, manage your safety features, or give it a quick tune-up using your phone! The miniPRO is your new personal transporter.

The Segway MiniPRO is the next generation of personal transportation.Control safety features, riding tutorials, and diagnostic troubleshooting using an app on your phone!You can summon the Segway from across the room using the integrated app.The app for the Segway MiniPRO also lets you customize light colors.This Segway fits in the trunk of your car and weighs about 30 pounds.This Segway is available in white and black and goes 14 miles on a single charge.

form. Max fun!

Aside from just looking cool, there are a lot of practical ways to make use of a Segway MiniPRO. Downtown parking is awful, but sometimes you still need to drive close to work. Find yourself some cheap parking, then pull your Segway miniPro out of your trunk and effortlessly glide to your office, even if it’s miles away! This new generation of Segway can travel 14 miles before it needs a recharge. At about 30 pounds you can carry it right with you into the office and top up it’s charge for the ride back to the car!

Segway MiniPRO


The Segway MiniPRO is a personal transport system that automatically balances itself as you steer using your legs.

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Smart scooter

This Segway MiniPRO is also a smart way to get around. Literally. It connects to your phone allowing you to control and personalize the Segway in a few ways. Use the app for some riding lessons, customize your light colors, modify safety features as you gain confidence. Heck, you can even operate the Segway MiniPRO remotely to summon it from across the room! An anti-theft-alarm is also built into the app, so you can lock the Segway and stop any would-be thieves right in their tracks!

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