Never forget what's on your grocery list thanks to Hiku

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Never what's on your thanks to

Hiku remembers your grocery list so you never have to.Speak into the Hiku Shopping Button and it will generate a grocery list accessible to anyone in the house with the app.Scan the bardcode of an item to add it to your shopping list when you run out.Keep the Hiku Shopping Button mounted to your fridge or on a counter so anyone from the house can add to the list."  class="image-large aligncenterHiku can even get participating stores to do your shopping for you and even deliver your groceries!


Don’t the…what?

 With [ the Shopping Button]{ http://.us/), you’ll never look off into the distance in the produce aisle again while you try to remember what you even came to the store for. Now, you can keep organized and always have your with you. The button sticks to your fridge with a magnet and has a flat bottom, so it’s always within reach when you think of something to add to your list. Or if one of the kids uses the last of the milk to polish off the last of the cookies, they can add those items to the list, too. Use the Hiku mobile shopping list app and your lists will always be with you, no matter what store you go to, and it will always be up-to-date. Hiku can scan barcodes, allowing you to instantly add items to your shopping list, and recognizes your voice, so you can add items to your list as you think of them by dictating them to the device. 

Hiku Shopping Button


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Simplify shopping

 You can connect Hiku to online stores to make online shopping a breeze. The button works with Walmart Online Grocery and Peapod grocery services, giving you fast and accurate access to over 45,000 food and household items in over 40 markets across 24 states. Once you have your list, you can set up delivery or pick-up of your whole list. As items are purchased, they’re removed from the master list, keeping everyone up-to-date on which items are still needed, saving you tons of time on your next grocery trip.

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