These wireless earbuds do just about everything!

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These do just about everything!

Run. Cycle. Swim. Enjoy.

The Dash is a earphone set that acts as your music player, live sports assistant and activity tracker, and smart companion. Using Bluetooth Smart, it turns your earphones into a Bluetooth headset and works with apps to measure your heart rate, steps, duration, calories, distance, pool lengths, breaths, and cadence. Its integrated sensor technology also gives you live feedback during your workout. 

Bragi earbuds from Dash offer a truly wireless way to enjoy music!These earbuds can play music and track activitiy and are touch-sensitive. They come in two colors: white and black.With four GB of storage these earbuds can operate without any extra device.


Bragi to all your friends

With 4GB of storage, you can use the Dash to listen to music using its internal player or stream audio from your phone. Control music playback using the optical touch on the bottom half of the earphones. No buttons, just taps and swipes that work even when or when you’re wearing (most) gloves or when the Dash is wet (that’s right, it’s waterproof up to three feet).

The right Dash controls volume, playback, and phone calls. Music pauses when there’s an incoming call, and you can answer with a single tap or nod of your head. Ignore phone calls by shaking your head when you hear the ringtone. If you remove the Dash from your ears, the music pauses and resumes playback once re-inserted.

The left Dash controls the activity tracker and audio transparency. You can use the audio transparency feature to amplify the sounds of your ambient environment so you can hear what’s going on around you and engage in conversation without needing to remove the Dash from your ears.  

The Dash Wireless Earphones by Bragi


The Dash is a wireless smart earphone that rolls a one-touch music player, a live sports assistant, and a smart phone companion all into one product.

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A perfect fit

There’s nothing worse than a one-size-fits-all earbud that is either too small and messes with audio quality, or too big and hurts your ear after a while. With four different fit sleeves, you can make sure the Dash fits perfectly in your ear. And because you’re busy, the Dash can recharge with you. It has a three-hour battery life and you can recharge it five times while on the go.

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