Nucleus Anywhere Intercom keeps your household connected

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Anywhere keeps your connected

Instant. Family. Communication.

The Anywhere connects you with your family and friends in an instant, whether you’re on the other side of the house, city, or country.

The Nucleus Anywhere Intercomm systems connects any room of your house to anyone in the world!Place multiple Nucleus Intercoms throughout your home to make audio and video calls between rooms.The Nucleus Anywhere Intercom has a wide-angle-lens so family members are not crowding around the screen during calls.When you want privacy, set the device to do not distrub and use the built-in camera cover.The Nucleus app lets you connects to your intercoms so you can see what is going on at home any time!

Nucleus brings you home

We live in a world that is constantly connected, so why is it we seem to not have time to stay connected with those near and dear to us? The Nucleus Anywhere Intercom connects you with friends and family in mere seconds. The device has a tablet-sized screen and 120-degree wide-angle HD camera that lets you see everyone in the room. You can plug it in anywhere and make audio and video calls with those you want to connect with. You can also make wireless calls using its Wi-Fi capability, and you control your Nucleus with a mobile app, which means you can check in at home even when you’re running around town with just the tap of a button.

With Nucleus’ room-to-room calls, you can call just one room in your house in particular or call all of them at the same time, putting every room within reach. With home-to-home calls, you can catch up with, cook or just hang out and visit with your family or friends who live across the country as if they live right next door.

When you want some privacy, just turn on do-not-disturb mode and close the camera shutter to take a particular room out of view.

Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with built-in Alexa Voice Service


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Designed by families, for families

You can improve family communication with Nucleus. No more fighting with Skype or texting your family when they’re in the same house. And because it updates automatically with new features from the cloud, you can be sure your Nucleus is always up-to-date and ready to make a call when you are.

The Nucleus connects with Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, so you can also use the device to listen to music, the news or weather, and connect with your smart home devices.

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