Make your car smarter with the Automatic Adapter!

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Verizon teams up with Visteon to put LTE in connected cars

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License+ encourages teens to drive safely

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teams up with Ford for connected awesomeness

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Be a better driver with the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

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Connected cars

Make your with the Automatic !

Connect with your in a whole new way

Always know if your car is in tip-top shape, even if you know nothing about engines, gaskets, pistons (insert other car-sounding stuff here) when you’re packing the Automatic Car !

The Automatic Car Adapter is a simple way to make your car smarter and connect to the devices you use most.Automatic serves as a digital mechanic, driving instructor, emergency lifeline, and more!Automatic works with Pebble, Amazon Echo, Jawbone and other devices and third party apps to connect your car.Automatic's app can also provide tips to maximize fuel consumption on trips.

Digital Mechanic

The Automatic Car Adapter and app work together to solve a mystery that has plauged mankind for thousands of years, “Why is my check engine light on?” Okay. Maybe not thousands of years, but for sure as long as there’s been a check engine light in a car. Simply plug the Automatic Adapter into your car’s data port (if your car is less than 15 years old you have one), it will connect with your smartphone, and then provide you extremely valuable information about your car and driving habits!

Automatic Car Adapter


The Automatic Car Adapter and app work together to diagnose problems with your vehicle so you know whether it’s time to call a mechanic, or just Google it!

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Connected Car

If you’re ever in an emergency situation, the Automatic Car Adapter has you covered. If the app detects your vehicle has been in a crash it can call emergency contacts that you have preprogrammed, or even 911, automatically. The adapter and app work together to do help you optimize your car’s fuel consumption and, for those just starting out behind the wheel, it can provide suggestions for proper braking and acceleration techniques.

Automatic also connects your car to Amazon Echo, iWatch, Nest, Pebble, Jawbone and many third-party apps to help connect your car with your digital life. Make your car with the Automatic Car Adapter and app!

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