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Google updated its Dev app for Android this week, and it offers an intriguing glimpse into changes that might soon be coming to ’s new tab page.

If you’ve come to rely on ’s personalized alerts and suggestions in the Google app itself, then you may also embrace them in , particularly if you use the browser more frequently than the search app.

The Chrome Beta app offers some personalization options for the new tab page, but the updated Chrome Dev app expands upon them, most notably adding two options powered by . Here’s how to enable it.

1. Open the Chrome Dev app and head to chrome://flags

2. Go to Show content snippets on the New Tab Page.

3. From the drop-down menu, choose Enabled via content suggestion server (backed by Google Now). (There is a second, nonpersonalized Google Now option, though I’m sure how useful Google Now suggestions are if not personalized.)

4. Tap the blue Relaunch Now button.

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Screenshot by Matt Elliott/

After Chrome relaunches, open a new tab page and when you scroll down below the search box, you’ll see two sections: Recent bookmarks and Articles for you. I don’t add new bookmarks all that often, so I’ll most likely scroll past that section to get to the suggested articles. Hopefully, this is just the beginning and more content types will be added by the time it reaches the official Chrome app, such as weather, sports scores and calendar alerts.

Sadly, these Google Now new-tab-page options are available only for Android and not Chrome Dev on the desktop.

(Via Android Police)

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