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Turn fruit into craft cider right at home

Get creative at home and impress your friends and family by making your own delectable craft cider at home from fresh fruit.

Alchema does virtually all the work for you so you can enjoy craft ciders, meads, and homebrew.Use leftover fruits to create your own drinks.Download the companion app on your smartphone for step-by-step-instruction.Alchema will tell you exactly how much of each ingredient to add to make your drinks turn out great.The fermentation process varies, but you can use these recipes to make great drinks in just a few weeks.The Alchema app can also monitor your current brew so you know exactly when it is ready.

Get crafty with homebrew

If you can handle making a pot of coffee, then you have all the skills required to get crafty in the kitchen and homebrew your own craft cider with Alchema, a device that allows you to make your own cider or at home with none of the hassles. Your flavor options are only limited by your imagination.

Just pick the recipe from the Alchema app, or pick your own ingredients, add them in as Alechma weighs them and notifies you through the app when you have enough, then add the yeast, and let Alchema take care of everything else. Your unique flavor of craft cider or mead is ready within two weeks. Or, if you’re a true wino at heart, you can make your own wine with Alchema. Just track down wine grape and age it for longer (at least 16 weeks). And don’t worry, Alchema will let you know when your brew is finished.

Your new favorite cider maker is equipped with a wireless connection, so you can keep an eye on the fermentation process from anywhere. The app offers a recipe database and allows you to share your creative concoctions with others.



Alchema allows you to homebrew your own craft cider, mead, or wine in the comfort of your home without any of the hassles.

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Safety first. Cider second.

Alchema is equipped with medical-grade UV-C LED light that sanitizes the container before fermentation, so you don’t have to worry about contamination causing a sour taste in your first (or any) batch.

Because the Alchema app helps you monitor the process with an air-pressure sensor and gas release valve, by showing the alcohol content on your app, and telling you when it’s ready, you don’t need to open the lid to see how things are coming along, which can also affect the end-product. We’ll drink to that.

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