Capture every road trippin' moment with the Goluk Dashcam

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You know those “no one’s going to believe this happened” moments? The ones you wish you had proof of? Well, whether you’re in the car or on-the-go, the T1 dashcam can catch all those must-see moments and lets you share them instantly on your social networks in a snap.

The Goluk T1 Dashcam lets you capture the unforgettable moments, wherever the road takes you.The camera's mount is easy to attach to most car surfaces.Connect your Goluk to your phone's Wi-Fi and instantly share moments from the road to social media.The Goluk T1 Dashcam can also be mounted outside your vehicle for cool driving shots.The Goluk dashcam is available in several cool colors.This versatile camera is also great for cycling adventures.Even though this camera is small it still records in full 1080p.The Goluk T1 Dashcam is tiny enough to throw in a pocket or purse.

Smile, you’re on camera

The Goluk T1 Dashcam is a sleek, compact video camera/recorder that connects to your phone via its own Wi-Fi network and allows you to instantly watch and share videos to social media. It also mounts to your windshield as a dashcam, and you can control the camera and playback with ease through the free Goluk mobile app.

Powered by a micro USB plug, you can take the camera on the go with you and record FHD 1080p video and sound anywhere with nothing more than a USB power pack and a micro SD card. And because things happen fast, if you need to record with a moment’s notice, just hit the MagicKey remote button the cam, and it will record a 12-second video and take a still picture.

Goluk T1 Dashcam


Goluk T1 Dashcam is a sleek, compact video camera/recorder that connects to your phone so you can instantly watch or upload videos to your social networks or keep on  your dash to save a recording in case of an accident.

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Because accidents happen

The dashcam is also equipped with a G-sensor/accident auto detection feature that will record and lock data to the cam’s memory in case of an accident or if you have to suddenly slam on the brakes.

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