Nanit is the world's most advanced smart baby monitor

could be the ’s most . While traditional monitors let you hear or even see your , can provide information about your child’s well-being. The camera hangs overtop of your baby’s crib using a secure stand on the floor and connects to your phone or tablet so moms and dads will always have one eye on their bundle of joy.

Nanit’s camera keeps a watchful eye on your child, but uses something called Computer Vision, to recognize and learn your baby’s movements and mannerisms. Once learned, Nanit can tell the difference when your baby is being activ, fussy, or snoozing happily in their crib!


Nanit's self-supporing stand rests on the ground and overhangs above your crib.


Nanit is an baby monitoring system that uses sophisticated camera and computer technology to learn your baby’s sleep habits allowing you to them in real-time from your phone or tablet and track their sleep history.

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Sleep well

With Nanit’s advanced sensing technology it can provide important insights for new parents on how well their babies are sleeping. It works sort of like a sleep tracker for your baby, showing you how many hours of shut-eye they’re getting, when they’re up, and when they’re not. The Nanit system can also play white noise to soothe your baby asleep and provides a highlight reel with video of your child’s nighttime activity.

Subscription options for Nanit’s advanced services allow you to add extra users to the Nanit system, and store sleep videos and sleep data for longer.

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