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Sit/stand desks are showing up in office spaces around the world, but only one connects with your phone to encourage better and adjust to your personal ergonomics!

The Gaze Desk is a smart, sit/stand desk that improves your posture while you work.Sync your desk with your phone to automatically adjust for your size and ergonomics.The Gaze Desk will notify you when it is time to stand up based on your activity level.Standing on the smart pad accessory will ensure you evenly distribute your weight while standing.

Stand up to bad posture

The Gaze Desk is a Kickstarter project that promises to be one of the smartest sit/stand desks ever created. Use the desk’s companion app to enter your height, weight, and a few other details, and this desk will customize its form to match your figure. It’s two-tier heights ensures your monitor is at the perfect level for your eyes, while your surface is at the perfect height for your elbows. When you’ve been sitting too long, the desk flashes it’s smart light, notifies you on your phone, or connects with your smartwatch to tell you to stand up!

Gaze Desk


The Gaze Desk is a piece of smart office furniture that connects with your phone to provide the optimum balance between sitting and standing at your workstation for your personal needs.

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By standing on the foot pad for the Gaze Desk you’ll have a comfortable surface when you use the desk in standing mode. The pad can also sense if you are distributing your weight unevenly to help you correct it for better posture for your knees, hips, spine, and shoulders. The desk can also connect with other smart home products like air purifiers and thermostats to ensure you always have the ideal working conditions when you’re at your desk!

Best of all, if you’re the type of person who is motivated by achievement badges, Gaze Desk will reward you for good habits and sync to your social media accounts to help you brag to the world about your awesome work habits!

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