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Connecting and their parents

Like many proud pet parents, there is a little pang of guilt when you leave your furry friend home alone during the workday or leave on an extended vacation. helps you keep in touch with your animals no matter where you are!

The Petcube Play and the Petcube Bites work together or independent to connect you with your pet.Both Petcube products allow you to see, talk, to and interact with your pet using various tech.Use the Petcube app to remotely toss treats to your animal using the Petcube Bites.The Petcube Play lets you remotely exercise your pet with a high-tech laser pointer.Control the laser pointer in the Petcube Play using the app to provide your pet with a little exercise.

Let’s Play

Petcube has created two devices that work together or independently for tech-savvy pet parents. Petcube Bites is a successfully funded Kickstarter project that allows you to dispense treats or watch a live stream from the device’s camera so you can see or talk to your cat, dog, or iguana. Petcube Bite is the company’s latest Kickstarter project that does something unique in the world of remote pet-care; it allows you to play with your pet!

Petcube Play & Petcube Bites


The Petcube Play and Bites are Wi-Fi cameras that work together or separately and allow you to interact with your pets when you’re not home using a phone, tablet, or computer.

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A great point

Few things are more fun than seeing a cat in hot pursuit of a laser pointer. The Petcube Play puts this comedy source in your home and in your phone. The Petcube Play base has a camera and laser inside and connects to your home’s Wi-Fi so you can communicate with the base remotely. Use the Petcube Play’s app by dragging your finger across the screen of your phone or tablet, and the home base will trail a laser through the room wherever you drag. This gives you a fun way to play with your cat when you’re at work or on vacation!

The Petcube Play has a 1080p camera that can be used for photos, or videos. If you catch your animal in a particularly funny moment, you can snap a photo and share it on social media. If you cat or dog is really smart, you can set the Petcube Play to automatic mode and they can activate the laser themselves any time they’re feeling a little restless.

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