iOS 10 Release Date: 5 Things to Know

The 10 is getting closer and today we want to take a look at what we know about the upcoming 10 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

In June, Apple took the stage at WWDC 2016 and announced a handful of new products including a brand new iOS 10 update for its mobile devices.

The company detailed many of the key iOS 10 features and it also confirmed an iOS 10 beta ahead of a public release later this year.

Well, the iOS 10 beta is now on its seventh version and it appears Apple is closing in on an iOS 10 launch and a final release for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models around the world.


With that in mind we want to take a look at everything we know right now about the iOS 10 release date. This roundup includes details about the iOS 10 update’s probable launch date, a look at the update’s release window, its release time, and more.

What Devices Will Get iOS 10?

When iOS 10 arrives in the fall, it will arrive for a number of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models. It won’t be released for all iOS 9-powered devices though.

In June, Apple confirmed the iOS 10 update for most devices capable of running the iOS 9 operating system. Unfortunately, some popular devices will be left behind on the iOS 9 update.

Apple’s official iOS 10 upgrade list doesn’t list the iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, or the fifth-generation iPod Touch. These devices will stay on iOS 9.3.4.

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If you own one of the devices listed below, you should be keeping tabs on the iOS 10 update’s progress through the beta and the iOS 10 release date:


iPhone 6siPhone 6s PlusiPhone 6iPhone 6 PlusiPhone SEiPhone 5siPhone 5ciPhone 5


iPad Pro 12.9-inchiPad Pro 9.7-inchiPad Air 2iPad AiriPad 4iPad mini 4iPad mini 3iPad mini 2

iPod touch

iPod touch sixth-generation

iOS 10 Release Date

Apple hasn’t sent out media invites yet but multiple rumors point to an iPhone event on September 7th. This date will likely serve as the launch date for both the iPhone 7 and the iOS 10 update.

The event will likely revolve around the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch 2 but we expect the iOS 10 update to play a role in the show as well.

Apple will likely use the stage time to showcase some of the iPhone 7’s unique software features and recap some of the iOS 10 features for older devices.

The company always uses its iPhone events to announce a concrete software release date so look for the iOS 10 release date to get confirmed on stage in early September.


As for the iOS 10 release date, we haven’t seen or heard any concrete rumors but Apple protocol calls for a release between the event and the iPhone 7 release date. The iPhone 7 release date is rumored for September 16th and September 23rd.

The iOS 10 release date will likely land somewhere between September 7th and September 23rd, a few days before the iPhone 7’s street date. This isn’t confirmed but this is the most likely scenario as we enter the month of September.

iOS 10 Release Time

Apple will likely confirm an iOS 10 release date on stage but it probably won’t confirm a specific iOS 10 release time.

We haven’t seen any iOS 10 release time rumors but it shouldn’t stray too far from Apple’s iOS release protocol.

Apple’s iOS updates almost always roll out between 9AM and 10AM Pacific. This is what you should expect from Apple. Here’s what that looks like for people on the east coast, Australia, and more.

Eastern – 1 PMCentral – 12 PMMountain – 11AMLondon – 6 PMMoscow – 9 PMNew Dehli – 10:30 PMShanghai – 1 AMTokyo – 2 AMMelbourne – 3 AMAuckland – 5 AM

Apple’s servers typically get slammed right when its major iOS updates are released so if you don’t want to deal with problems you might want to wait a few hours before trying to install the iOS 10 update on your device.

iOS 10 to iOS 9 Downgrade

If you decide to download
the iOS 10 update on release day, you’re going to notice a number of new features. You might also notice a change in performance. For better or worse.

If you see the latter, or if you decide you don’t like update’s unique set of features, you’ll be able to drop back down to iOS 9.


At the moment, Apple is signing off on iOS 9.3.4, iOS 9.3.3, and iOS 9.3.2. If this continues through the iOS 10 release date, you’d be able to downgrade back to one of those.

At the very least, you’ll be able to downgrade from iOS 10 to the most up-to-date version of iOS 9 which, at the moment, is iOS 9.3.4.

If you’re nervous about iOS 10 and its performance now would be a good time to get familiar with the downgrade process.

iOS 10 Jailbreak

It’s unclear if iOS jailbreak developers will have an iOS 10 jailbreak ready for the iOS 10 release date next month.

Jailbreak developers have successfully jailbroken the iOS 10 update. This is encouraging news but it doesn’t confirm anything for the general public.

Best ios 9 Cydia tweaks apps iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak - 5

It’s clear that Pangu, and others, are working on a tool behind the scenes but it could it take weeks or perhaps even months before a public iOS 10 jailbreak is released.

For reference, the first untethered iOS 9 jailbreak arrived about a month after the iOS 9 release date for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iPhone 7 Release: 5 Reasons to Wait & 4 Reasons Not To

Wait Because the iPhone 7 Release is Close

1 / 9Wait Because the iPhone 7 Release is Close

Apple hasn’t sent out media invites for its annual iPhone event but it doesn’t matter. iPhone 7 rumors have already outed an iPhone 7 launch date and a potential iPhone 7 release date and both are only a few short weeks away. 

The company’s launch event is heavily rumored for September 7th which is now less than a month away. Pre-orders for the two new iPhone models should start shortly after the event, possibly on Friday September the 9th. 

As for the iPhone 7 release date, a case manufacturer has told Gotta Be Mobile that Apple plans to release the new devices on September 16th. This falls in line with other iPhone 7 release date rumors and fits Apple’s release protocol.

We’ve also heard that September 23rd is in the mix for an iPhone 7 release date. September 16th or not, the release is about a month away. That’s a very short wait.

Major iPhone launches typically come once a year, and with less than 30 days before an announcement, now is the perfect time to stay patient and wait to see what the next iPhone brings to the table. The iPhone SE launch was an exception to the once a year release pattern, and doesn’t change what we expect in September.

Apple’s other iPhone models aren’t going anywhere and we’ll almost certainly see them drop in price as Apple and its retail partners start pushing the new models ahead of the holidays. 

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