Leeo makes home safety look good!

The Smart Alert is a plug-in alarm (that’s right, no batteries) that tracks the smoke and carbon monoxide and continuous tone water alarms you already have in your and alerts you through in-app or push notifications and automated phone calls if any go off, giving you connected security without the monthly cost. The monitor is designed to only listen for the sounds of the alarms, so don’t worry, your stand-up routine will be kept secret until you’re ready to unleash it on the world.

Based on your address, the device gives you the phone numbers of local emergency services in the Smart Alert’s free app or by text, and if you don’t respond to the emergency notifications sent to your phone, it will call the friends, family members, or neighbors you’ve listed in your emergency contact list as a back-up course of action. You can listen to the alarm, dismiss the notification or contact 9-1-1 all through the free app.

Smart Alert


The Leeo Smart Alert tracks the smoke and carbon monoxide and water alarms in your and alerts you through your smartphone if any go off.

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Smart monitor, smart design

The Smart Alert is designed with a beautiful LED nightlight that can be changed to any color you want of the 16 million hues that are out there (not over-exaggerating!), so no matter what your decor or current mood is, it will blend right in. And unless you have a ridiculously huge home, one Smart Alert will do the trick to monitor all of the smoke, carbon monoxide and water alarms you have on-site.

The device has ambient light and temperature/humidity sensors, so you can also make sure your indoor climate stays the way you like it. The Smart Alert is intuitive and works with hundreds of other smart products and services using If This, Then That (IFTTT) statements, like, “If your Smart Alert hears a CO alarm, then set your thermostat to 50 degrees,” or, “If it’s going to rain tomorrow, then change your Smart Alert color to blue.”

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