Smart Numbers turns your tablet into a teacher for kids!

The Marbotic Interactive Math Learning Toy for Tablets melds old-school educational toys (remember those wooden and letters you learned the alphabet and to count to 10 with?) with the technologically advanced screens of today to bring a physical element to digital learning, making the learning process even more fun and intuitive for aged three and up.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just purchase the package, which comes with 10 interactive wooden , download
Download Abalone Free V1.13 APK the free apps, and then unlock them using the prompts for the wooden numbers from the physical toy. That’s it. Your children can make Smart Numbers part of their daily activities, learning to count to 10 with the 10 Fingers app and discovering numbers from zero up to 100. Smart Numbers also teaches the concepts of addition and subtraction in the More or Less app. Alphamonster helps your kiddos learn the sound and shape of each letter, Vocabubble expands their vocabulary by teaching them up to 200 different words, and Bla Bla Box combines letters together so children can learn about syllables.

The Marbotic Smart Numbers Interactive Math Learning Toy for Tablets


Smart Numbers is a connected, interactive toy inspired by Montessori methods that interacts with tablets and educational apps to teach children about numbers, addition and subtraction, the alphabet, and linguistics.

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Designed with in mind

No Wi-Fi, bluetooth or batteries are needed for the interactive wooden numbers to be recognized by the tablet. They work with the static electricity of the body.

Smart Numbers is available in eight different languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, and Dutch) and its lesson plans were developed with the help of teachers and are aligned with the Common Core standards.

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