Bluesmart is more than luggage, it's a travel assistant!

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is more than , it's a travel !

Where in the world is…my ?

Remember that time the airline lost your luggage and it ended up who knows where with Carmen San Diego? It still wasn’t as bad as the time you missed your flight because your bag was overweight and you had to spend precious time reorganizing your belongings into various bags…and then more time waiting for the next flight. But those days are behind you. Never miss another flight or be stuck with an overweight bag again with the carry-on.

Bluesmart is a smart, carry-on suitcase to make travelling with tech better!This bag's Bluetooth smart lock automatically locks when it senses you are not nearby.When your phone is low on juice, simply plug into the Bluesmart's built-in charger.Bluesmart has an on-board GPS tracker so even if your luggage is "lost," you'll still know where it is.The build-in charging boards can recharge your tablet or phone up to six times on a single trip.Never worry if you're overweight. This bag can weigh itself and share that info with your phone.This bag was designed with plenty of space for gadgets and travel essentials.

Designed by travellers for travellers

Improve your journey with Bluesmart, the slick-looking carry-on that allows you to track its location with using GPS, no matter where in the world it is, with your phone for free.

The bag’s remote digital lock can be accessed via the Bluesmart’s app, so you never have worry about your carry-on in a busy airport again. If your bag leaves your side, it will lock itself, and its contents will stay safe and sound.

Plus, you never have to worry about how heavy your bag is again because you can check the weight of your bag right on your phone and avoid ridiculous overweight fees.

Bluesmart, Black Edition


The Bluesmart is a hard-shell, weather-resistant, smart carry-on suitcase designed to never get lost, charge all your devices, and weigh itself.

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Smooth operator

With super smooth wheels and double-coil zippers, the Bluesmart makes for easy travelling, and it’s easy on the eyes with its black and gray accents and dual materials on the outside of the bag’s body. Trilayer polycarbonate and reinforced nylon protect the outside of the bag, and on the inside, a compartment with double-soft padding has enough space for all your devices, including a 15-inch laptop.

The Bluesmart’s app also features an itinerary planner and gives you information about your next destination, and it has a battery with USB charging port that has the capability of charging your devices up to six times on your journey.

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