These ain't the racecars from your childhood!

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These ain't the from your !

The race car track you control with your phone.

Children…start your engines! Grownups too! Anki Drive is a robotic racing set that takes the racing action of games like Top Gear and brings the mayhem and fight for first place into your living room with svelte created just for Anki by the mastermind concept designer of the vehicles in Tron, Iron Man, and Batman & Robin.

Anki Drive lets you control racecars with your phone.Choose to race competitively, cooperatively, or even battle with your cars.Download the Anki Drive App and control cars wirelessly using your phone!The designer of this toy also designed vehicles in movies like Tron, Iron Man and more!When there is no one else to play with, set one car to AI mode and race against a computer.Design your own tracks with additional kits like this launch kit!The Starter Kit comes with two cars, one race track, two chargers, and more!

Anki for the Win

The Anki Drive Starter Kit represents the next generation of robotic racing. Part toy, part video game, Anki Drive lets you control your racecar with your phone through the Anki Drive app and pits you in a race or battle against up to three other family members or in-game AI commanders (if you have what it takes to beat the robot-controlled cars). You also have the option to work together as a team in a battle…that is, if you’re feeling friendly.

The starter kit comes with everything you need to get in on the action. Two robot cars outfitted with a tricked-out computer under their hoods using technology that used to be confined to robotics labs and research facilities. The racecars use the tech to think intelligently for themselves on the battlefield, helping them stay on track while firing at other cars or jockeying a new position in the race.

It also comes with one race track (8.5 feet by 3.5 feet, which you can use to create eight different tracks (or battlefields) in seconds), two charging cases, a three-port power cord, and one tire cleaner. You can also upgrade your car with weapons and gadgets using points you earn from game to game.

Anki Drive Starter Kit


The Anki Drive Starter Kit brings gaming to a whole new level, giving you everything you need to control the racecars on the the track with your phone so that you and family members can battle for the ultimate title.

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Man vs. Machine

Prove you are the best by beating commanders in single player mode to unlock harder-to-beat competitors. Once unlocked, you can race against the commanders in mutli-player mode or add them to your team so you can race side-by-side instead of one-on-one.

And the fun doesn’t end there. You can add to your mechanical mayhem by expanding the game with additional Anki Drive cars that have special weapons or upgrades and tracks that have obstacles (each sold separately).

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