This smart thermometer knows when to send you to the doctor!

Kinsa Thermometers take your temperature reading in seconds and connect to your phone via bluetooth so you can use Kinsa’s free app to track the health history of everyone in your family, which makes trips to the doctors a breeze because you don’t have to try to remember what the symptoms were, what the readings were on what days, the times that you took them at, or when you last took medication (and what kind and how much). The can store up to 50 readings, all divided into a handy, time-stamped log for each family member, so the details are clear to your , no matter how delirious you might be.

After taking your temperature, Kinsa Thermometers give you advice based on your age and fever reading, so you know what to do next…go for a nap, or go to the .

For those kids who cry, kick, or scream when they have to have their temperature taken, the Kinsa app’s fun, bubble-popping game will keep the kiddies engaged so they forget what you’re trying to do.

Kinsa Smart Thermometers


With Kinsa Smart Thermometers, you can take a temperature reading in seconds, keep kids entertained so you can take a fever reading, and use the free app to track the health history of everyone in your family or find out if you should be going to the doctor.

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Nothing to sneeze at

With the Kinsa, you don’t need probe covers. It’s got a flexible, easy-clean surface, and it also has a comfort grip handle.  Nighttime readings are clear as day, thanks to the Kinsa’s light-up screen.

The thermometers are FDA-cleared for accuracy, and they are available in a few different versions: smart stick (for readings under the tongue, under the armpit and up the…well, I’m sure you can imagine), smart ear (pediatrician-recommended for a squirming or sleeping baby), and Sesame Street options (because everyone immediately feels a little bit better when they see Elmo’s face).

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