8 Best iPhone 7 Screen Protectors

Here are the best 7 that you can use to keep your 7 free from smudges, scratches and help prevent it from breaking.

We’ve used these brands and screen for the last several years, and they’ve definitely saved out iPhones from breaking when dropped.

If you decide that you need an iPhone 7 screen protector it is important to buy one of the best options out there. It is tempting to buy a $5 iPhone 7 screen protector on Amazon, but then you’re going to lose so many benefits of the iPhone 7 display.

The new iPhone 7 screen is 25% brighter and offers a wider color gamut, which means it will look better than any iPhone screen you’ve used. You want to choose an iPhone 7 screen protector that won’t hide this or hinder 3D Touch actions.

Here are the best iPhone 7 screen protectors and iPhone 7 Plus screen protectors you can buy.

Here are the best iPhone 7 screen protectors and iPhone 7 Plus screen protectors you can buy.

This year Apple finally offers an iPhone screen repair option for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at $29, which is cheaper than many screen protectors. This new AppleCare+ with accidental damage includes screen only repairs for $29 and full repairs for $99.

Even with this new iPhone 7 screen repair option, an iPhone 7 screen protector can prevent that damage from happening in many cases and a lot of these options include free screen protector replacements.

You can choose from glass, plastic and military grade iPhone 7 screen protectors. Each one will offer its own set of advantages and a different look and feel.

Here are the best iPhone 7 screen protectors you can buy.

ZAGG iPhone 7 Screen Protectors

1 / 4ZAGG iPhone 7 Screen Protectors

ZAGG just announced new iPhone 7 screen protectors that use the same tech as iPhone 6s models we are testing. These iPhone 7 screen protectors will help protect your iPhone screen with 7x shatter protection or help repel oil and smudges from your iPhone 7 screen.

InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense ($49.99) – a proprietary, new-to-the-world hybrid glass screen protector. Infused with sapphire, Sapphire Defense combines unparalleled impact, smudge and scratch resistance with a smooth tactile feel, HD clarity and a self-healing surface to create a screen protector that offers 7X more impact protection than an unprotected screen.

InvisibleShield Glass+ – an extremely durable tempered glass screen protector with advanced impact protection, scratch resistance and reinforced edges. Glass+ features Ion Matrix technology which strengthens, polishes and eliminates imperfections in glass, making it 2X more impact resistant than an unprotected screen

If you cannot stand seeing fingerprints or you are constantly dropping your iPhone 7, these are amazing options to consider.

The Sapphire Defense iPhone 7 screen protector is $49.99 and the Glass+ is $39.99. ZAGG makes these for the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.

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