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Emergencies happen with no warning. When they strike, every second counts. makes your profile (identity, emergency contact, any information that could help save your life, your blood type and whether you’re an organ donor or not) instantly available to first responders with a tap of the ID card or bracelet.

My Endless ID is a smart wearable that stores your vital medical information.The band uses NFC tech so emergency responders can have complete access to your medical profile in an emergency.Anytime your medical profile is accessed, your emergency contacts automatically get a call.Don't want to wear the band? My EndlessID also has a thin card that fits in your wallet!

Information in a tap

Using the same near field communication technology your chip credit or debit cards have, MyEndlessID uses an NFC chip to identify you and your medical details. MyEndlessID is available as an ID card for your wallet or a wearable bracelet, and you can own several different bands or cards that are associated with one account.

Once you have your device, create an account and update your profile on the MyEndlessID portal and all your details will be available in an instant, through your MyEndlessID device. With just one tap of a smartphone that has NFC, it will open your medical profile. Your information can also be accessed through the website,, which requires log in with your ID and the PIN printed on your device.

Anytime your medical profile is accessed, the emergency contact assigned to your account is notified and given a geolocation of where it was read.



MyEndlessID is a high-tech medical alert device that comes as a wearable band or an ID card for your wallet and allows you to store, administer, and access your medical information immediately with just a tap in an emergency, when every second counts.

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Endless possibilities

MyEndlessID comes with a one-size-fits-all band that can be adjusted to fit your loosely and comfortably. No batteries are required and the bracelet can be worn all day and night. The band is water-resistant but should be dried off after it gets wet.

With the purchase of any MyEndlessID, you get a free year subscription to its Plus Package, which includes everything in the Basic Package (details about your personal information, medical conditions, medications, vaccinations, allergies, medical devices, medical history, insurance, emergency contacts), plus extra features that give you the ability to upload documents, emergency alerts, discount codes for new products, and more.

You can also use the EndlessID app to program your ID band to block apps, go to websites, access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, turn on/off your flashlight, Wi-Fi, or camera, open GPS, send email or make calls.

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