iPhone vs Android: 15 Reasons iPhone is Better

We’ll explain 15 the is better than with a fresh 2016 vs comparison.

The 7,  7 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus may not deliver a super screen resolutions, but they hit the right notes for many buyers and with iOS 10 there are even more the is better than Android for many users.

Yes, 2016 brings a plethora of new devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, One Plus 3, the LG G5 and other phones that deliver a bigger challenge for Apple — but there are still places where the iPhone is clearly better than Android and iOS 10 is better than Android Nougat.

You need to learn what the iPhone does better and how Apple delivers a better experience than Android to see if an iPhone is the best smartphone for you in 2016.

Here are 15 reasons the iPhone is better than Android phones in 2016.

Here are 15 reasons the iPhone is better than Android phones in 2016.

Use our list of reasons the iPhone is better than Android to figure out which new smartphone you should buy this year. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are already on sale and we expect to see a new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this fall.

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Even if you think you know which phone is best, you might be surprised to learn about all the reasons the iPhone is better than Android.

iPhone Apps Are First and Better Looking

Most of the popular apps are on both platforms, but many top games and apps still come to iPhone first. We’re seeing more apps come to both Android and iPhone at the same time, but there are still way more iPhone only apps that we see than Android only.

iPhone vs Android - iPhone is better 2016 - 10

When apps are available on iPhone and Android we still often see a better design on the iPhone version than on Android. This is something that still rings true in 2016. For example we still see some new Snapchat features and Spotify features come to iPhone before Android.

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Apps are an area where the gap is closing, but the differences still exist and are noticeable.

Fast iPhone Updates for All

iPhone owners enjoy quick and regular iOS updates for the iPhone no matter what carrier they use.

Faster updates are available for all iPhone owners.

Faster updates are available for all iPhone owners.

Android updates take months to arrive on all the devices. After an Android device is 18 months old, you may need to wait for a new Android smartphone to get the latest software.

Apple delivers iPhone updates to devices that are three years old. Apple offers iPhone 4s iOS 9 support. It is unheard of to see support for an Android phone that old. iOS 10 is available for the iPhone 5.

When you look at Android devices support ends much faster. Google promises at least two years for Nexus devices, which means Nexus 6 support ends this fall and the Nexus 6P in September 2017. Google may push farther out, but it is not a guarantee. Other Android device manufacturers don’t typically match the longevity of iOS updates.

On top of the added update support, Apple does not allow carriers to hold up the updates. As soon as the update is available from Apple it is available on every carrier.

If you really want Android Nougat, you may need to simply buy a new Android phone.

Works Great with All Your Devices

If you own an iPhone, iPad and Mac your information flows smoothly from one device to the other. You can quickly sync photos to all of your devices, answer a phone call on your iPad or Mac and send text messages from your other devices. There is also support for Handoff that allows you to start a task on your iPhone and continue on your iPad or Mac.

The iPhone works great with the iPad and Mac.

The iPhone works great with the iPad and Mac.

Overall the connectivity between these devices is something Android doesn’t yet match without relying on a collection of third-party applications and services to hodgepodge together a similar feature.

Sharing a file from your iPhone to your Mac is also faster and easier thanks to AirDrop. This built-in service sends the file wirelessly directly to the Mac, even when there is no other WiFi around.

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