Flic is the smart button that does everything for you!

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is the smart that does everything for you!

Embrace simplicity with !

Ever wished you could just snap your fingers and your room could be set-up exactly how you want it, without any of the work? Flic basically grants this wish by allowing you to control multiple devices with the push of a single . Want the lights dimmed, the heat turned up and a movie turned on? You can configure Flic to do that, and oh-so-much more.

Flic is a smart button that integrates with your connected home to control and automate your devices.Place multiple flics throughout your home to do everything from turn on lights to dial a family member with a touch.Flic can be used in your home, work, or car to automatically launch apps or control devices.

Smart phone. Smart home. Smart life.

Flic is a physical push button for the digital world. Just attach the smart button to anything you want and it will make your life easier. Flic allows you to interact with your smart devices without having to pull your phone out every time you need something. Just set up Flic with the free app, stick Flic wherever you want, and configure it for whatever you need.

Flic connects to your phone with Bluetooth Low Energy, so it has a range of about 50 meters, and it works with some of your favorite smart home products, so you can control these devices from anywhere in your house with the push of a single button. Snooze your alarm. Play music or skip songs on your playlist. Take a selfie. Cool down the house. Turn of the TV. Turn off the lights.

You can use it in your car or your bike to navigate around town. You can use it to order a cab to get you home. Heck, you can even use it to fake dial yourself for an emergency exit from your next blind date if you have to. The possibilities are nearly endless.



Flic is a smart button that allows you to interact with your smart devices without having to pull your phone out every time you need something.

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Peace of mind in an instant

Flic is weather and dust resistant and can be set up to fulfill many needs. It has one button, three triggers (single click, double click and hold), comes in five colors (black, white, turquoise, green and yellow), and has over 50 integrations. It works with several apps and online services to streamline almost everything you do.

And if you’re in a sketchy place or suddenly feel uneasy or like you’re being followed, Flic can also be used as a distress signal and can broadcast live updates of your coordinates, if you tell it to.

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