How to Install iOS 10 Early for Free

iPhone and iPad users who cannot wait for the  10 release date to download
the new iPhone and iPad update can try the new  10 features now without paying or registering as a developer.

This guide will show you where to download
the iOS 10 GM and how to the iOS 10 GM on any Apple device that supports iOS 10 so you can try the update out without paying for access.

Normally users need to pay Apple to register as a developer, join the official beta program or pay to register a UDID with a third-party site, but the iOS 10 GM does not require this anymore.

How to install iOS 10 early without paying.

How to iOS 10 without paying.

Like the earlier iOS GM releases you an install this update without registering and without wiping your iPhone — but you should still backup your iPhone before installing the iOS 10 GM.

After months of testing the iOS 10 GM arrives just ahead of a public iOS 10 release date on September 13th. A GM normally offers a finished product, but there is a chance for some small bugs to remain. If you try the iOS 10 GM and don’t like it you can go back to iOS 9.3.5.

The iOS 10 GM download
is not meant for the general public, despite the ease of upgrading. If you use your iPhone or iPad for work or are traveling, you should wait for the full release. If you are jailbroken do not use the iOS 10 GM as you cannot downgrade to a jailbreakable version of iOS.

Here’s where to find iOS 10 GM download
links and how to install iOS 10 early using the GM.

How to Install the iOS 10 GM

The iOS 10 GM is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for all devices that support iOS 10. If your device runs iOS 9, there is a good chance it will run iOS 10. You can install iOS 10 early without registering your device with Apple. It is a good idea to avoid using the macOS Sierra beta to install the iOS 10 GM.

1. Find an iOS 10 GM download
link from the Apple Developer program or by searching online.

2. Download the right iOS 10 GM for your device.

3. Plug the iPhone or iPad into the computer and perform a local backup to be safe. 

How to install the iOS 10 GM to try iOS 10 early without paying.

How to install the iOS 10 GM to try iOS 10 early without paying.

4. Open iTunes and upgrade to the iOS 10 GM by choosing Check for Update.

Be sure to hold alt/option on Mac when you click Check for Update.On Windows, hold Shift when you click Check for Update.

5. Click on your ipsw file and then on Open.

6. Allow the iOS 10 GM install to complete. If you run into problems you can backup your iPhone and choose “Restore iPhone” with the special click instead of Check for Update.

Users can install the iOS 10 GM on the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4 and iPod touch 6th generation. When on iOS 10 users can install the WatchOS 2 GM to the Apple Watch.

The iOS 10 release date is September 13th and the Watch OS 3 release date is the same day. Expect the iOS 10 release time at 10AM Pacific.

The slides below walk through many of the new iOS 10 features so you can see what is new and how it compares to the iOS 9 update.

iOS 10 vs IOS 9: 29 New iOS 10 Features

iOS 10 Messages, Emojis & Features

1 / 29iOS 10 Messages, Emojis & Features

The iOS 10 Messages app is completely new with changes to emoji, app access, stickers, and all kinds of upgrades to the way you communicate with other users. There is even an invisible ink option.

When in messages you can see videos you get play in line while you keep talking. Videos now also play inline in Safari. When you tap the camera icon you immediately see what is in front of your screen.

The iOS 10 Emoji are three times bigger in the transcript and you now see Emoji predictions when you type. After you type a message you can tap the emoji keyboard and iOS 10 highlights words you can substitute emoji for.

New Bubble effects allow you to shout or whisper when you send a message and there are even full screen animation options when you really need to impress. An invisible ink sending option hides what someone is saying until you swipe.

iPhone users can send handwritten messages, taps with Digital touch and share a heartbeat. When someone shares something awesome you can reply with a tap-back by tapping on message to share a special short reply.

There are now stickers and you can doodle and draw on photos you take to really spice up your messages. You may not need other keyboards to deliver all your creativity.


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