Turn any bag into smart luggage with LugLoc

is a locator that uses GSM and GPRS so you can track your at any airport in the world. It uses a Bluetooth locator for close-proximity tracking to notify you when your is approaching the carousel.

You can toss into any you’re traveling with and use the LugLoc app to track your at any airport worldwide. The app will update your ’s location automatically, so you can follow it in real-time. Now, you’ll know instantly if your didn’t make it onto the flight with you.



LugLoc is a luggage locator that uses GSM and GPRS so you can track your bag at any airport in the world.

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Round-the-world protection

LugLoc comes with its own SIM card for round-the-world protection, and it’s FAA, TSA and FCC compliant. With every purchase, the first 30 days of service are free, and after that, you can buy a service plan for continued tracking (one month for $4.99, six months for $19.99, and one year for $29.99).

Using innovative technology, LugLoc can automatically put itself into airplane mode, turning itself off while in flight. And if your luggage ever does get misplaced by the airline, its battery life lasts up to 15 days before having to be recharged, so you can continue tracking it until it’s back in your possession.

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