What you need to know about GPS and the Apple Watch Series 2

The new Apple Watch Series 2 comes with built-in GPS and waterproofing

Scott Stein tries on the all-new Apple Watch Series 2 and checks out the built-in GPS.

by Scott Stein



The Apple Watch Series 2 boasts built-in GPS capabilities, so you can leave your iPhone at home or in your gym locker during a workout. The watch will take care of tracking all of the important details.

Previously, you had to have your iPhone nearby in order for the Watch to capture location information from the Global Positioning System.

The first time I started a workout with the Series 2, I was expecting to find some sort of GPS button or indicator letting me know the satellite-powered system was active.

It turns out, when you start specific workouts and your iPhone isn’t nearby, your Apple Watch Series 2 will automatically track the workout with GPS.

There isn’t a button or setting you need to worry about — it just works, as Steve Jobs would say.

Workouts that are tracked via GPS include:

  • Outdoor walk
  • Outdoor run
  • Open water swim
  • Outdoor cycle
apple-watch-series-2-gps.jpgEnlarge Image
Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/abchow.com

Once you complete a workout and your Watch reconnects with your iPhone, you can view your GPS data by opening the Activity app. Next, scroll down to the Workout section and tap on a completed workout.

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